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  Sandy Wentz 07/18/18
Teddy the pug 06/09/18 Vern and Betty 05/23/18
Bob and Eileen 05/01/18 Winston And Donna 04/30/18
Winston and Donna 04/06/18 Winston and Donna 03/25/18
Vernon and Betty 03/21/18 Winston and Donna 03/21/18
Winston and Donna 11/02/17 Vern and Betty 10/25/17
Winston and Donna 10/06/17 Bob Smith 09/20/17
Winston and Donna 09/15/17 Bob and Winston 09/06/17
Bob and Eileen 08/25/17 Bruce and Glenda 08/22/17
Winston and Donna 08/17/17 Vern and Betty 08/17/17
Dale Clark 08/06/17 Winston and Donna 08/04/17
Bob and Eileen 07/27/17 Winston and Donna 07/09/17
Bob and Eileen 06/30/17 Rick and Nancy 07/07/17
Vern and Betty 05/20/17 Winston and Donna 03/15/1


Sandy Wentz 07/18/18

I was fortunate to be able to travel almost nonstop from April 22 to July 3! First I went on an 18 day transatlantic cruise. I visited Stonehenge and spent 3 days in Copenhagen.  Then we spent a week driving from AZ to MN. 2 weeks later I spent 4 days in Lviv Ukraine and 2.5 weeks in Romania (my favorite country and 12th time there). Soon it will be time to start thinking about our trip west again! We were fortunate not to have suffered any damage during the July 9 storm and hope you were as well!

Such a good idea! My cruise ship had a rug in the elevator that told you what day it was.Amsterdam port terminal.

Nyhaven Copenhagen

Locals enjoying themselves in Lviv Ukraine

Market in Bucharest Romania.  

sandy1.jpg sandy2 .jpg
sandy3.JPG sandy4.JPG
sandy5.JPG sandy6.JPG
sandy7.JPG sandy8.JPG


Teddy the pug 06/09/18

Well, I got through my first camping excursion of the season with Bob & Eileen (only 4 more to go and then back to AZ). I do enjoy, as you can see.  Old as I am, I have no sight or hearing, but my sense of scent works for me.  Bob takes me on long walks so that I can add to my knowledgebase of smells, which requires me to rest, as you can see (Bob and I are good at napping in the great outdoors).  B and E had a “small world” experience.  A couple that they rarely see were at the same campground at the same time.  In fact, the last time they ran into them was about 20 years this very same campground......kind of WOW, huh !

We spent time at 2 campgrounds.  The second one was new for all of us.  It was on Lake Michigan, in the sand dunes.  It as pretty nice, but as I napped and Bob had a cold beer, poor E had to sweep the sand out of the trailer.  Tough life, I know.....

For being the end of May, and up north in Michigan, we got real lucky with weather.  It was pretty much sunny, and low 70’s most of the 11 days.  It did get cool at night.  I usually sleep on top of the covers, but, if it gets too cool, I just stick my face in Bob’s face.  Wakes him up every time, and I have him trained to pick up the covers so I can crawl under them.  Sure hope my June camping trip, 12 days, leaving 6/14, is as nice.

be18-1.JPG be18-2.JPG
be18-3.JPG b318-4.JPG

Teddy (will training Bob and Eileen ever end?)


Vern and Betty 05/23/18

We left Aj on Monday morning the 7th of May. The day time highs were in the lower 100s. It was in the lower 90s the first two days until we got to Prat Kansas, then after that they went down the rest of the why to Huckleberry Acres at New London Wi. We have never seen so many blossoms on the Saquaro that we did this year. We had a good trip, no rain, very little wind and sun and clouds very good driving conditions. 

Our first night here we had to turn the furnace on, I looked at Betty and asked her why did we come back, she said I don't know!!!! All is sort of back to the normal routine, or sort of. 

VERN and Betty 


Bob and Eileen 05/01/18

We left for home on 04/10 (92 degrees).  We did have warm temps and great driving for most of the trip.  We were in Springfield, Il. Friday night, heading home Saturday.  But then, the weather did us in.  Saturday’s forecast for Mi., home, was severe, dangerous ice storms.  We decided to stay out another night.  I re-routed and booked a room in South Bend , In.  Saturday, 3:30 pm, we stoped in a rest area 40 miles south of South Bend.  Temperature was 73 degrees, and we are still in shorts and t-shirts.  Arrived in South Bend in a little while, and it was only 44 degrees and raining.   Aye, cold, it was !Got on the road Saturday AM about 9:15 AM, 32 degrees and pouring down rain. That was the weather all the way home.  We got about 10 miles in to Mi. and everything is covered in ice, except for the roads....thank the Lord !  A pic, below shows what as waiting for us at home.  It was freezing cold for a week and I proceeded to get a raging sinus infection, thank you very much.  The next 2 pics show today, just 2 week’s later.

 Good news: we have been to the dentist twice, cleaning and x-rays, then, just today.  Eileen had 3 fillings and I had one.  (Contrary to Winston’s visit to the dentist, I let the dentist freeze Eileen’s mouth before working on it). Having a good time slurring and drooling right now, but, that’s done.  I had my annual physical already.  After all the pushing, tapping, prodding, tests, ekg, and labs, I got a clean bill of health. Maybe too much info, but after being sick and dealing with problems most of last winter, it was a great report to me.  Dr. said I have completely recovered from winter issues, and, I think it was a negative when she said “I see you had no problem gaining weight in AZ.”  I had to explain that that is a “goes-with” wintering in AZ.  (Don’t think she agreed).

And, lastly, we bought a new set of wheels.  I had to do it for Eileen as the Traverse sat too high for her to safely get in.......good rationalization, don’t you think.  Well, we head out for our first camping trip in a few weeks, so, may have some more news this summer.  Hope you all have a fun and safe summer.


bs1.JPG bs2.jpg
bs5.JPG bs4.JPG

B & E

Winston and Donna 04/30/18

I said no more winter weather posts. So now it is to farming. We began planting with a fervor this week. Corn began on Tuesday April 24 and I began planting beans on Friday April 27. We are finished with corn as of today April 29 but still quite a few beans to plant. Spraying is progressing very good but we are to have high winds thru Tuesday May 1 and then a very good chance of rain late Tuesday into Tuesday night. A good rain would be a good thing. Any of you still in AZ, enjoy the warmth, still not overly warm in Iowa or probably anywhere most of you are. Only saw dandelions showing their bright yellow blooms on Thursday April 26. No wild plum blooms, no tree leaves emerging, and definitely no lilac blossoms. The latest spring warmup in my memory. I think on the morning of April 16 we recorded 19 degrees F. And two mornings this past week we had lows of 30 F. 

Donna and I were at the Dentist. I said to the dentist, Look I want you to pull a tooth but I don’t have a lot of time, so forget the Novocain! Dentist: My you’ve a lot of courage, which is the bad tooth? I responded, Donna, show him your tooth! ��Winston 



Winston and Donna 04/06/18

this is getting old. As you can see, a little snow and falling temps. Actually the pickup I was driving had not had the clock changed so it was really 11:29 AM. And our low temp around 1:00PM was 23. But I’m sure some of you have also gone home and are experiencing this non-spring weather. It is to be 15 F tomorrow morning, Saturday April 7, and we have a chance at more snow Sunday. Then the weather is to moderate and maybe by midweek we might have normal temps. Bob and Eileen are probably going to time things perfectly by leaving around the 11th. But Vern and Betty might really have it made by staying most of April! Anyway, one of these days the planters and sprayers will be going like mad. I might even have to put in extra hours! Next report will be from the field either spraying or planting!Winston

W&D0407.jpg WD0407.jpg


Winston and Donna 03/25/18

A preacher was seated next to a cowboy on a flight to Texas .After the plane took off, the cowboy asked for a whiskey and soda, which was brought and placed before him.The flight attendant then asked the preacher if he would like a similar drink. Appalled, the preacher replied, "I'd rather be tied up and taken advantage of by women of ill-repute, than let liquor touch my lips."The cowboy then handed his drink back to the attendant and said,"Me too, I didn't know we had that choice.

"We were in Indianola, Iowa Saturday March 24 and this was our weather. Des Moines ended with about an inch of snow that stuck but it snowed for about 5 hours. Atlantic had snow also but was a little warmer so very little stuck. We are to continue having wet weather for at least the first part of this week. Sure would be nice to have some warm dry weather.We did get to see our good friends Joy and Daryl Reynolds,  formerly of Rock Shadows, that many of you know, as they were members of RockComp. They are doing good and we had a wonderful visit.

winston snow.jpg


Vernon and Betty 03/21/18

We have a cactus Wren that likes to eat peanuts, he will come and look in the window to get our attention so we will give him a peanut. Betty gave him the name of Birde. He comes every day around 9:00.Vern and Betty

_20171229_090232.JPG _20171229_091027.JPG

Winston and Donna   03/21/18

This was our conditions last Friday afternoon. The picture of the pickup shows the ice much better than the tree. We had about .6 rain with about 1/3 of that as ice. At least the roads were warm enough that they were not slick and we didn’t have much wind to break power lines. Just very dreary as you can see. We are all settled back in to our Iowa routine. Turns out not too much farming activity. Some excavating to do right after arriving before the rain hit on Fri.  Enjoy your sunshine. Winston

image1_jpeg.jpg image2_jpeg.jpg


Winston and Donna 11/02/17

We again had visitors this harvest season. Eileen and Bob stopped by on their way to Rock Shadows. They were able to be here for two full work days. Since we were in full corn harvest, Bob and Teddy went along to monitor my work. Bob decided that my truck driving could use some law enforcement monitoring. But we also had a little fun. A couple evenings enjoying some dominoes ( Bob seems to be quite lucky except for one time he was stuck with the double blank two hands in a row ). Our other evening was spent going to Zipps Pizzaria in Adair, Ia. Bob said that was the only reason Eileen wanted to come. Well maybe not the only reason! Anyway, if you’re ever going by on I80 consider stopping at Zipps in Adair and our place in Atlantic. Then bright and early Friday morning they were suddenly gone. And now they are enjoying AZ 80 degree weather and we are still here harvesting corn. But maybe not for too much longer. Just so you all can appropriately feel sorry for me, it was only 40 F today and 20-30 mph winds with gusts to 40. Brrrrrr!See you in 2 - 3 weeks or so.


wd1102a.jpg wd1102b.jpg

Vern and Betty 10/25/17

We left Wisconsin Sunday morning, had rain most of the day off and on, Monday we had strong winds all day, Tuesday and today was great driving, but we made good time driving. Got here at Rock Shadows at 11:55 today, good to be home.

Vern and Betty

Winston and Donna 10/06/17

September 29, 2017 2:00pmI got to have a little different fun today. I know I've always told people that I don't run our dozer, but today was a different story. It got me out of some harder work so I volunteered. Besides it was easy just pushing out a terrace ( speed bump is what I like to call them ) from the top down. Nephew Joel will come after and do the finishing part.Some of you might wonder why we would remove a terrace. The way we farm now, no till, we have found that terraces actually cause problems and don't really accomplish the desired soil erosion protection. Also this terrace and many others like it cause wet spots below them. So away it goes.





Bob Smith 09/20/17

iOS 11 is released as of 09/19/17.  It is a major change in many ways, but "can you update to it?" is the big question.  It is outdating older generations of iDevices, because it  is now a 64 bit processing system, and older iDevices are 32 bit.  If you care, ask me to explain 32 bit / 64 bit this winter.  

The iPhones that will upgrade are:   IPhone X, 8 and 8 Plus, 7 and 7 Plus, 6s and 6s Plus, 6 and 6 Plus, SE, and iPhone 5s (so iphone 5 and older can not upgrade).  

The iPads that will upgrade are: 12.9 inch Pro 1st and 2nd generations, 10.5 inch Pro, 9.7 inch Pro, Air 2, Air, iPad 5th generation, mini 4, 3, and 2 (so, iPad 4th generation and older, and iPad mini 1st generation will not update).

You can go to this website to figure out what generation/model you have :  

Easiest way is to match your model number, on back side your your device (in real small engraved print), to model numbers listed for the iDevices on this Apple website.

Lastly, just because your iDevice is one that will take the iOS 11 upgrade, does not guarantee the update will work.  Other factors may deny the update, such as amount of memory available.  If you can not get your device to upgrade, all I can offer is bring it in to a Friday afternoon lab when you get to AZ, and I'll help you get it figured out. 

I suggest a "todo" when you get "aroundtoit".  Old 32 bit apps, not upgraded by the creator, will not run in the new iOS 11.  If you have any, they are wasting space.  Conveniently, these apps are listed for you on your iDevice.  Go to Settings > About > Applications and tap Applications.  If any are shown, your choice, but I recommend that you delete them.  If a listed app is a personal "must have", then DO NOT upgrade to iOS least until it is shown in the App Store sometime in the future.



Winston and Donna 09/15/17

We started cutting soybeans! These photos were both shot looking towards our old home and OakHill Cemetery. The mound of dirt is evidence of the water line I had to install from the new well we had to dig. We did get our acreage sold and we are very grateful for that. Now if harvest goes smoothly and quickly maybe we can make our annual track to AZ by the middle of November or so.

By the way, the soybeans are yielding a little better than we hoped. The rain we received in mid August must have helped more than we thought. 


wd0915a.jpg wd0915b.jpg


Bob and Winston 09/06/17

This was sent from Bob. His friend Pepe, who lives in AZ, sent him this picture and said the new Frys on the Northeast corner of Idaho and Apache Trail is nearly ready to open. So now to drive, walk, or bike to Frys we will have to cross the dreaded wide intersection. Bummer!



Bob and Eileen 08/25/17


Bob and Eileen hooked up the camper ( 1st pic) and off they went, again.  We went way up north, in to Michigans upper peninsula (300 miles).  First stop, Bob and Jeanette Kucharczuk's, way over on the east end.  Bob Had a nice campsite for us, across the street from their home.  Eileen and Jeanette did, surprise, surprise, quilting, knitting and talking.  No, Bob did not make me play any shuffleboard.  We talked and he took me 4-wheeling a few times in the miles of woods.  See the pic of one of the Kucharczuk's, there are many, original homesteads back in the woods.  Jeanette made a couple great meals and we enjoyed fresh veggies from Bob's various gardens hidden all over in the woods.  And, we ate a couple times at some really good old  "mom & pop" cafes.  Sure enjoyed their hospitality!Then, off we go, 400 miles west to Duluth, Mn.  Pic of lunch break on the shores of Lake Superior, in Wi., before arriving in Duluth.  We set up camp about 7 miles from Ron and Sandy Wentz, and spent 4 fun days with them.  Sandy had put a list together of things to do and see.  So, Ron drove us up to the skyline drive, with some beautiful views over-looking the harbor.  We visited the Rose Garden near downtown, and on to a quilt store Sandy had found for Eileen.  Ron and I didn't mind.....a small bakery was next door, so we enjoyed coffee and donuts while they shopped.  We ate at 3 of Duluths most popular restaurants, Sandy made a couple great meals, and she got us invited to an outdoor potluck.  And, finally, we took a boat ride of the harbor.  The ship, American Sprit, is an ocean going freighter, being loaded with iron ore.  We had a great time with Ron and Sandy, but did have to start the 700 mile trip home.  But, before I end, a little Duluth humor from the narrator on our harbor boat ride.  A pic near the end, shows the entrance from Lake Superior to the harbor.  Note the little lighthouse, and it does have a keeper.  So, his or her's job involves "a little light housekeeping".  Also, as usual around great bodies of water, are the gulls.  But, as the harbor is a bay, the birds are not called seagulls.  They are known as bagulls.

See y'all soon in AZ,Bob and Eileen 

be0825a.jpg be0825b.jpg
be0825c.jpg be0825d.jpg
be0825e.jpg be0825f.jpg
be0825g.jpg be0825h.jpg
be0825i.jpg be0825j.jpg


Bruce and Glenda 08/22/17

This photo was taken during totality. Bruce and Glenda Jensen RockComp members from Centerville, Ia.We are visiting good friends at Washington, Mo which is straight west of St Louis and was right in the path of totality. The photo was taken at 1:17 pm CDT August 21, 2017.It was a very eerie feeling especially as the sun reemerged. Quite an experience!


gb082217e.jpg gb082217a.jpg
gb082217b.jpg gb082217c.jpg


Winston and Donna 08/17/17

We just had a wonderful trip to Branson with Gloria and Mel Johnston from Manitou, Manitoba and also from Bonita Vista Resort and formerly of Rock Shadows.  I had to include the photo taken at Hamilton, Mo , the home of Missouri Star Quilt Co. The girls forced us to sidetrack on the way home. As you can see from the photo, they were all smiles.

Winston and Donna

wd081717a.jpg wd081717b.jpg
wd081717c.jpg wd081717d.jpg


Vern and Betty 08/17/17

Last month we were in Ia at Amana colenes for a International camping club rally for a week, it was very hot in the upper 80° to lower 90° but we had a good time.This last week we were at Ellendale Minnesota for our Regional Rally, weather was good.Top left is were we had to go and get the sweet stuff.Top right is Betty high 5 ing Spamy at the Span museum in Austin. The one below her is me, and guess what I didn't break the camera.The next 2 on the left are of RV park we stayed at Cristal Springs RV Resort. The bottom on the right is of course the museum.Hope all you guys are having a great summer!!!

Vern and Betty Knapp

vb081717a.jpg vb081717b.jpg
vb081717c.jpg vb081717d.jpg
vb081717e.jpg vb081717f.jpg


Dale Clark 08/06/17

Dale was a member of RockComp serving on the Executive board and was a past president until he and Elsie were no longer able to return to AZ. We send our deepest sympathy to Elsie and the rest of his family.


Dale Clark

Mar 12, 1940 - Aug 04, 2017

Dale Clark, 77, of Great Falls, passed away Friday, August 4, 2017.

A graveside service will be held on Monday, August 7, 2017 at 3:00 p.m. at Highland Cemetery. Schnider Funeral Home is handling the arrangements.

Dale was born in Sun River, Montana to Cyrus and Ethel Clark. He grew up in and around Great Falls and graduated high school. He went on to serve in the United States Navy and later in the Montana Air National Guard for 18 years. After discharging from the military, Dale took a job for the City of Great Falls. Dale worked for the city for over 30 years before retiring from his position of Street Foreman.

He was a member of Wisemans and Sons and Daughters of Pioneers. Dale was a generous and caring father and stepfather. He loved his small dog, Tori, a little schnauzer.

Dale is survived by his wife, Elsie M. Clark of Great Falls, MT; daughter Dena Howles of Salem, VA; step-daughter Gerry Teasley of Spokane, WA; sons Dale Clark Jr. of Great Falls, MT, Duane Clark and David Clark both of Salem, VA; step-sons Michael Beaumont of Clearfield, UT and Stephen Beaumont of Great Falls, MT; sisters Frances Parriera of Petaluma, CA, Ellen Hodde of Colville, WA and Phyllis McNett of Great Falls, MT; 11 grandchildren and 12 great-grandchildren. 


Winston and Donna 08/04/17

Does anyone know if there are minutes for our March 2017 meeting? We have minutes for a Exec Bd Meeting but not regular Meeting. I know Lyle was not able to be in attendance. Did I forget to have anyone take minutes ( very likely )? Does anyone remember if we passed a motion to purchase a TV and stand for up to $2000? Pretty sure we did, but not positive.
Hope all are well and enjoying summer. Quite dry here and has been warm. Supposed to cool some and maybe a little rain tonite into tomorrow morn.
 The photo was taken on our 40th wedding anniversary at Oakhill, our home for 37 years. We have it sold and I'm working hard to get the new well and waterline installed so we can close by the last week of August. After last year I thought my work would lessen, but now I'm hoping after this year. ��



Bob and Eileen 07/27/17

The Smith's were out camping around Mich. again. Do they ever stay home ? (Not much).  First 4 pics at a park on Lake Huron.  The 3rd pic has a Great Lakes freighter in the background.  The 4th pic, sidewalk art, was done by a young teen girl who showed some fine art talent.  She also rollerblader all around the park......and made it look sooo easy.  Then, inland and 160 miles north, in the northern pine forests.  That's our rig, then, my camping buddy, Teddy, and then look what I found - this brand new John Deere.  I'm thinking of buying it and hiring myself out to Winston.....think I could get several hundred acres of corn a day harvested with this baby.


be0727a.jpg be0727b.jpg
be0727c.jpg be0727d.jpg
be0727e.jpg be0727f.jpg


Winston and Donna 07/09/17

First, the perfect farmer riddle. Don't groan!Next the first picture of me by the corn was taken about 1:30 pm Independence Day , July 4. The second by the corn, very nearly the same angle, was taken today at about 3pm July 8. Just started tasseling and there were some silks emerged. This farm has not had rain for about a week and a half, but is not under stress yet . Temps are to rise next week and no rain in sight so things might get a little tense as far as us farmers are concerned. We don't like to have our corn have any bad days��.I know I have not been very good with member news, so that means the rest of you need to pick it up. Bob and Rick have done their part!Winston

wd070917a.jpg wd070917b2.jpg

Bob and Eileen 06/30/17

Bob and Eileen - 6/30/17Hello to y'al.  Hope you are enjoying your summer so far.  Well, we have been busy.....not staying at home.  This is our 2nd camping trip and our third starts 7/10 for 16 days.  We just got back from a 21 day camping trip to southeast Kentucky and Virginia.  First stop in Kentucky was at the "Ark Encounter", an exact replica size wise.  Inside was 3 stories of how it probably looked and operated. Next, down to Breaks Interstate Park on the border of Kentucky and Virginia, deep in the Appalachian mountains.  Beautiful place, and, historically, Daniel Boone discovered the "Breaks", a long, deep gorge running north and south, a passage through the mountains. It is called the Grand Canyon of the east, and the deepest gorge east of the Mississippi.  Lots of civil war history here, as well as this was the precise area of the long Hatfield and McCoy feud.  Then, back a bit north to east central Kentucky, to Carter Caves State Park - the last 2 pics.  This park is still up in the Appalachians, a picturesque deeps woods setting.  Our truck and trailer managed many miles of narrow blacktop roads that never stopped going up or down, with curve after curve in remote areas of Kentucky......just beautiful !(PS - did not see much member news.  Come on folks, share some experiences.  We surely do not want Winston resorting to his jokes....)

be070717a.JPG be070717b.JPG
be070717c.JPG be070717d.JPG
be070717e.JPG be070717f.JPG
be070717g.JPG be070717h.JPG
be070717i.JPG be070717j.JPG



Rick and Nancy

Hi all, of course this was sent a little while ago, but will update soon.

Hi everyone. It seems to be a little quiet on our Members Page, ourselves included. So before Winston starts in with his "jokes", here is an update from us. We had a safe trip home, except for a damaged tire in Pratt, Kansas. Took us 5 hours to get back on the road again, had to drive to the Kia dealer in Wichita, and they did a great job fixing us up. Got home, no snow and fairly warm. The "Locals" are really happy. No gardening yet. Just getting to spoil the twins, isn't that what Grandparents are supposed to do? Including some pics. Hope to hear from others, soon.

Rick and Nancy

rn070717a.JPG rn070717b.JPG
rn070717c.JPG rn070717d.JPG


Vern and Betty 05/20/17

We have been here at Huckleberry campground at New London Wi. for one week. Just about got all the stuff done, panterry filled refrigerator stock up and Dr and dentist done.Has been kind of warm but today it went down 54* The rest of the week it will be on the cool side. And also had some rainWon't be long and will be thinking about heading back to AZ.

Vern and Betty Knapp


Winston and Donna 03/15/17

This is what we awoke to this morning. If you want to write a note to smart off, send to
Enjoy your AZ warmth and sunshine! Winston










































































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