RockComp Computer Technologies Club

Rock Shadows RV Resort
Apache Junction, AZ 85119
Steering Committee:
Jean Simmons, Vernon Knapp, Lyle Norris,
Leatrice Truedson, Bob Smith, Winston Hoegh

Active Roster



Rock Comp Steering Committee Meeting 

January 31, 2018

Winston opened the meeting at 9:30. All members of the steering committee were in attendance except Lyle. Leatrice gave financial report. Membership is 64. Balance $2519.05.Winston went over the February calendar. Plans for sessions and SIG groups for Windows and android devices are upcoming. Bob suggested a session on use of GPS to route the way home. Another topic discussed was a repeat of security software and passwords.It was generally felt that most of members issues have been covered. Winston reminded us of potluck get together on February 15th. It will begin at 4:30 PM in the Rec Hall. The club will supply smoked pork loin and it is hoped everyone will bring their favorite dish to share.


Rock Shadows Computer Club
Steering Committee Meeting
December 27, 2017 9:30 AM
Hamilton Room

December 27, 2017
Wells Fargo Checking Account Balance: $2130.75

Membership Stands at 34

We had discussion about our upcoming events and other possible presentations, classes and SIGs. Our January schedule is pretty well filled. There will be added a session with discussion about Apple computers (Mac).Jean, Bob, and Winston all use Mac’s and they will discuss and take questions. Also Bob will present about security concerns the Monday following Gordon Flanery’s Wednesday presentation. January 29 will be a presentation about cloud usage, what cloud refers to and different ways to use

Concern about our low membership number and what might be done to bolster. Jean mentioned that maybe the courtesy computers could be brought back. Issues with improper use and who would maintain were brought up. Also maybe not a big issue for potential members because most people interested have their own devices and would not use courtesy computers.  

Discussion about getting RockComp info on the bulletin board and in monthly newsletter. Member Bob Yri suggested putting our January Calendar along with RockComp article in the Activity Office January newsletter. Great suggestion and will be done if Activity Office allows. 


                                December 11, 2017
Rock Comp Computer Club
Executive Board Meeting 
Sunday December 10, 2017 6:30 PM

I    Be it resolved  that Carol Hattery is replaced by Winston Hoegh 
     As Person of Authority on Rock Shadows Computer Club Checking account 
     maintained at Wells Fargo Bank.
     This resolution was passed with five (5) affirmative votes and one (1) abstention.
            Submitted by Winston Hoegh , acting secretary

Our meeting today was informal with Winston reflecting on a conversation at our Executive Board meeting. He voiced our feeling that the RockComp business format was no longer a match with the realities of today. Computer clubs are disappearing in the valley. Partly it may be attributed to the ease of operation of today’s devices; partly the move away from formal meetings in general; and partly due to the difficulty in finding people to serve as officers.
There is no longer a need for a room full of computers for members to use. There are very few sources for outside programs. However, there is a need for a few bills to be paid, dues to be collected, and structure for the weekly meetings. Acknowledging the concern of some of our members that a more informal structure could founder for lack of elected “caretakers”, we are proposing to pursue a new format for “a while” to see how it works out.
It is proposed that we have a “steering committee” that meets regularly to attend to the operational needs of the club and to maintain the web site. There would be no officers. When something needs to be done, the steering committee would make sure someone has volunteered to do it. Anyone would be welcome to sit in on the meetings, but no one would be expected to stay on “forever”. It is our current intention that decisions would be by consensus rather than formal votes with a majority rule. None of the current board members expressed interest in continuing as officers, and we haven’t had anyone seek positions for several years now.
The Steering Committee welcomes input. If a significant number of members prefer to continue as in the past, they would need to bring forward the names of people who would like to hold offices in the club. We have been honored to be your officers in the past; however, we enjoy the friendship and the informality that is a part of most of the groups we belong to and feel our club could operate within that same format of minimal structure. We should not finish this summary of events without a word of appreciation to Winston for his years of leadership along with Leatrice’s faithful attention to our financial responsibilities. We are particularly grateful to Bob Smith for his classes and the wealth of information he provides. We look forward to all of that continuing to be a part of a more informal format in our club.
Lyle Norris


                               December 11, 2017
Rock Comp Computer Club
Executive Board Meeting 
Sunday December 10, 2017 6:30 PMI    Be it resolved  that Carol Hattery is replaced by Winston Hoegh 
     As Person of Authority on Rock Shadows Computer Club Checking account 
     maintained at Wells Fargo Bank.
     This resolution was passed with five (5) affirmative votes and one (1) abstention.

RockComp Business Meeting  March 1, 2017

Winston Hoegh called the meeting to order.

Pledge to the Flag 

Minutes from last month available on website

Moved and seconded to approve Treasurer's report motion was carried.

Executive board minutes will be available on website.

New Business

Executive Board is asking approval of up to $2000 to purchase a large screen HD TV – 60” or 70” and a stand on wheels which will go up and down and be stored in the storeroom.  The TV will be available for all events, including the hall.  If approved, the purchase will occur in the fall.  

Winston addressed the lowering of dues as discussed last business meeting.  For the last three years membership has been 90 to 110. Normal monthly expenses this year have been about $800.  In the past, the membership dues were used to maintaincomputers, etc. but we no longer do that. So is that necessary?  Discussion ensued about keeping fees the same because $15 is not exorbitant. A motion was made by Phil Schlafer, seconded by Pete Rose, to accept the recommendations of the executive committee to buy TV and stand for up to $2000 and to leave the membership fee the same .  Carried.

Old Business

Pete Rose asked if the courtesy computers might increase the number of members.  Winston said it could be addressed at a later time.  We could look into having the service under Winston’s name or as an entity.  The difference is approximately $55 as opposed to $300, per month.

Activities scheduled for the month of March:

​Monday nights 6:30 – iPad SIG continues

​March 7 – Bob Smith – 6:30 -  Windows 10 SIG

​March 8 – Bob Smith – 9:30 – Questions and Answers Open Forum

​March 14 – Bob Smith – 6:30 – Open Forum SIG

​March 15 – Bob Smith 9:30 – Wireless Printers

​March 21 – Bob Smith – 6:30 – Windows 10 SIG

​March 22 – Katie Gertz – 9:30 – Cloud.  Open to entire park.  In the hall.

​March 28 – Bob Smith – 6:30 – Open Forum SIG

No more meetings are scheduled after these dates.

Pot luck was very successful.  Somewhat over 60 members attended. We plan to have one next year.  It is scheduled for Thursday, February 15, 2017, 4:30 – 6:30.

Rick requested activity office for 50/50 later in the season next year.  Will be decided by activity office later.

We will continue to have the internet available for all members. Ralph Hattery suggested that service continue as is.

Passcode will not change for the rest of the season. The internet service will be cut off on April 17, 2017.  Vern Knapp will take care of this.

A motion to adjourn the meeting was made by Ralph Hatteryand seconded by Pete Rose.  Carried.



Rock Comp Executive Board Meeting.  February 27, 2017 10:30 AM Richard Lab

Called to Order: Winston HoeghPresent: Karen Thoftne, Jean Simmons, Vernon Knapp, Rick Pearce, Leatrice Truedson

TREASURER’S REPORT Current Membership: 90

Receipts and expenses were reviewed. It was reported by the trustees the treasure books had been audited on February 22, 2017 and found to be in good order.

Balance on hand: $3463.84 NEW BUSINESS

TV monitor and stand. There was discussion about the need for a TV to be used during classes or presentations versus a screen and projector. This resulted in approval of a proposal asking the membership for a $2000 budget for this purchase early in 2018. MSC

Expenses were discussed for 2018 and it was decided at this time to leave the membership dues at $15.

Continuing Education. Winston reported Bob Smith had suggested to have a Windows 10 SIG March 7 and the 21st. Bob also suggested having open question SIG March 14 and the 28th. Board agreed and will be reported to the membership.

Rick will speak with Bob regarding a cloud storage presentation in March.

Rick will also speak with Katie Gertz and Gordon Flannery regarding presentations in 2017/2018. Possibly other classes with Katie Gertz. Presentations also would include Apache Junction Library.


It was decided that termination of the Mediacom service would occur on April 17, 2017, Vernon will take care of the equipment and Winston will follow up on the last billing payment.

The potluck was attended by about 60 members. This was felt to be a very good event.Rick will speak with the activity office regarding our participation in the Rock Shadows 50-50.

MEETING ADJOURNEDRespectfully Submitted, Karen Thoftne Recorder



RockComp February 2017 Business Meeting

Call to Order

Pledge to Flag

Minutes of previous meeting (Refer to Website)

Treasurer’s Report

Previous Balance: $3,304.02

Current Balance: $3,594.18

MSC to receive the report

Our conspicuously absent President greeted us via Facetime from Orlando


Old Business

Rick Pearse declared that we have a quorum and the required number of officers present



I would like to know if it would be alright if I became a member and about once a week we could have a gathering of 20-25 members and show a couple of your videos and then have a discussion and /or QandA among those members following. We would explain your website to the members and ,I'm just guessing , but I can imagine some members would be interested in having their own membership. We would not show any of the videos for profit, only for our members enjoyment. Thank you for your consideration in this matter.

(Response from Geeksontour)

That's exactly what we would like clubs to do. We love it when you use our materials as the subject matter for club meetings - then discuss and try out the things we present.


If you have good Internet bandwidth during your meetings, maybe we could even join you at the end of the meeting via Skype or Hangouts and answer some questions. That's the kind of stuff we love to do.


You are more than welcome to use your one membership to access videos and other material to share at club meetings. All we ask is that you inform the club members about Geeks On Tour, suggest that they sign up for our free newsletter, subscribe to our YouTube channel, and that they know what the premium membership adds.


MSC (Jean Simmons/Vernon Knapp) to purchase a club membership for Geeksontour at a cost of $58/yr


SIGS and SESSIONS discussed (See RockComp website for most current information)


Club Potluck

1 Thursday February 16, 2017 4:30-6:00 PM Rec Hall

2 Club will provide Roast Pork Loin, Baked Beans, and coffee

3 Please bring your favorite dish to share and your own table servicve



New Business


Election of Officers

1 Vice President Rick Pearse

2 Treasurer Leatrice Truedson

3 Trustee - 3 year term Karen Thoftne

4 Trustee - 1 year remaining of 3 year term Vernon Knapp

(3rd Trustee is Jean Simmons)

MSC/ to cast a unanimous ballot for the nominated slate (Jean Simmons /Carol Hattery )



Club Internet

A discussion of the club internet circumstances followed with a recommendation to research any possible options as well as a general inquiry into the practices of other clubs in the valley. Our present solution to the problem of illegal use of our internet service is reviewed here:


Internet access will be available at the events for members. If you are a member you will receive the password to our network and after the individual sessions are over that password will be replaced. Remember, even if you aren't requesting assistance, as members you will be given the password.


By Laws

Questions have arisen regarding the need for 3 Trustees in our present Club situation. There was a feeling that Trustee positions are difficult to fill and their role less needed. Some responses:

Three Trustees mean three members of our club closely involved in the inner workings

We need at least one Trustee to break tie votes.


A general agreement that the board should give the matter further thought and bring a more detailed proposal to the club at the March meeting, if they feel that a change is needed.


Other business

An email query was received by the club asking about G-Suite and a possible class on it. The Board was asked to look into it.


It was suggested that our current situation as a club would suggest that we don’t need to charge as much for our yearly dues. It was suggested that the board consider this and report back at our March Business Meeting


A member recommended that we consider purchasing a wide screen TV to be used by the club for the purpose of more convenient display at our meetings and SIGs. Recommended that we research the costs and have Winston email club members regarding the results of that effort.


Rick reported that we donated one of our computers to the RS Office to replace their old and failing present computer.


It was reported that the Apache Junction Library is willing to do a special demo of Virtual Reality equipment if we are interested in setting up a session at the library. Let Rick know if you are interested.


Adjournment MSC to adjourn


Respectfully Submitted,


Lyle Norris, Secretary




Rockcomp Business Meeting January 4, 2017



Beginning Balance: $3,672.96

Closing Balance: $3,304.02

MSC to Accept Report


ELECTIONS will be held at February Meeting.

Vice President (2 yr) Treasurer (2yr) Trustees (1 yr Vacancy & 3 yr term)

Members invited to nominate from the floor; however, you must get approval of the nominee ahead of time.

RECREATION HALL INTERNET ACCESS Gene L arranged for BYTS to successfully install internet


11th – Gordon from BYTS 17th – Bob with AVAST (tues at 7pm)

18th – Risa Robinson from the Apache Junction Library (tentative) 25th – SOS Computers Company


Mon – 6:30 – iPad/iPhones Tues – 6:30 – Social Media (especially Facebook)

Be sure to request formation of a SIG that interests you.


Club will provide Pork Loin, Baked Beans and Coffee. Bring your own table service and a dish or dessert to share as well as a beverage if you don’t want coffee.


Katie Gertz will be making a presentation March 8th

Apache Junction Library Calendar can be found at AJPL.COM

MSC to Adjourn


Respectfully Submitted,

Lyle Norris


Rockcomp Executive Board Meeting



Called to Order: Winston Hoegh



Current Membership: 53


Dues 360.00





Myclubcircle dues


Bob Smith


Gene Lingenfelter

10.79 (keyboard)

Media Com



169.41 (Media Com and Lightning Adaptor)

Balance as of today:




Annual Meeting

Up for election: Vice President;

Treasurer; Trustee (1 year);

Trustee (3 years)

Winston will not be present for the Annual Meeting


Member Potluck will be Thursday, February 16 from 4:30-6:00. Club will supply Pork Loin


Scheduled Speakers to date:

12/14 Risa Robinson 1-4 Bus Mtg 1-11 Gordon Flanary

1-17 AVAST (7:00-9:00pm)

1-25 SOS


SIG groups: Beginning Computing on Mon nights and Social Media on Tues nights; Winston looking at possible iPad/iPhone group


Gene Lingenfelter will be in Lab on Fridays from 1-3 (Only 2 in Lab at a time. Others wait in Lobby)



Winston will check on 50/50 schedule


Gene L raised need to keep the Rec Hall reserved for meetings where we have more that 35 people. He will contact Office about it and also look into what can be done to get a reliable signal in the Hall for Internet.


Gene will be checking on the possibility of a program on Public WiFi use. He also recommended “Geeks on Tour” tutorials on Youtube.




Respectfully Submitted,

Lyle Norris



RockComp Computer Club Business Meeting

March 2, 2016

Call to Order Winston with declaration of a quorum present

Pledge of Allegiance

Minutes of Previous Mtg (see website)

Treasurer’s Report: (Leatrice Truedson) $3,164.81 MSC to accept the report

Trustee Audit (Vern Knapp) Everything was OK

Old Business

Member Services

Minutes Posted Karen Thoftne

Member News Rick Pearse

Contacts Leatrice Truedson

Email Communications Winston Hoegh

Rock Shadows Liaison Karen Thoftne

Website Administrator Bob Smith

Internet Service to Main Hall Going to try a different system next Fall.

MSC To purchase internet related equipment for the Main Hall, and cost of using outside resource to install it for us if deemed necessary.

Lab and wireless service will be suspended as of 4/15/16

New Business

Presentation of Certificate of Appreciation and Gift Card of $50 to Charter Members Jim and Eileen Lettenmaier (20 years).

2017 Pot Luck date will be selected by the Activities Office. Club will provide Roast Pork Loin and Baked Beans. Attendees will bring either a Salad or a Dessert.

Guest Speakers Winston is securing speakers for our Wednesday meetings for next Fall.

A request was made by members that we provide gifts of appreciation to our Class teachers for all the wonderful and frequent presentations made during our evening sessions (as well as some Wednesday offerings).

MSC to Adjourn

Respectfully submitted,

Lyle Norris, Secretary

Rockcomp Executive Board Meeting


Treasurer’s Report $3,199.81 105 members

Job Assignments:

Email Communications: Winston Data Base: Leatrice Judy Jenson: Calendar

Meeting Minutes: Karen Toftne Administrators: Bob Smith and Winston

Member News: Rick Pearse Rock Shadows liaison: Karen Toftne 608-778-3113

Season Ending Closing of lab: Vernon Knapp (Internet Service shut off by 4/16)

Internet to Main Hall still not working. Bob and Winston will continue explore options

With high demand for Bob’s classes and other popular events conflicting with our session nights, we will look into the possibility of video library of classes.

New Business

Wednesday Meeting Program Schedule

March 02 – Business meeting followed by more information on Dashlane (Winston)

March 09 – Skyping made easy

March 16 – iPhone/iPad Q & A

March 23 – Check on availability of Gordon Flanery of Bytes

March 30 - ?

Monday Evening Classes

February 29 – Facebook Security Settings and Q & A

March 07 – Chorus and Chimes program at Rec Center

March 14 – Cloud Security as well as Cloud Q & A

March 21 – Windows 10 Q & A

March 28 – Android Q & A


2017 Potluck – Winston will arrange for Roast Pork Loin and Baked Beans. Members will bring salads and desserts.

Winston will submit request for meeting rooms and dates for Computer Club Activities.

We need:

Ideas for club meeting programs

Representatives to attend East Valley Area Computer Clubs (EVACC) meetings

At our March 2nd meeting Winston will present Jim Lettenmaier with an appreciation gift for his contributions to our club over his 20 years as a charter member of our club.

Winston will get more keys for the lab so that every Executive Board Member has access to lab and equipment.

MSC (Bob/Leatrice) to move our Windows 10 computers to lobby for guest use and find a home for the outdated computers currently in the lobby.

MSC (Rick/Vernon) to instruct Bob Smith to find a speakers table that is tall enough to facilitate presentations by speakers (who normally are standing while they address us). Also longer cables to give presenter more room to roam.


Rock Shadows Computer Club January 6, 2016

Call to Order by Winston Hoegh

Declaration of Quorum

Minutes of Last Meeting See Website

Treasurer's Report Leatrice reported: $2675.71 $30.00 Cash 57 members

MSC Ralph H/Lyle N to accept Treasurer’s Report

Old Business

Internet Service with Mediacom Update

With the new Modem/Router our signal is strong and available to large numbers of users

Education Schedule

Go to web site ( and click on “Calendar” or “Event List” Winston also sends an email to membership each week.

On Monday, January 11th Bob will hold an evening session of the inner workings of our web site

Website Maintenance Assistance

We are seeking a backup person for Bob Smith so we will have two members who have full knowledge of web site.

New Business


President, Secretary, One Trustee

Winston will accept the President position. If elected we will need a Vice President for a one year term. We need a trustee to fill a two year term. That person will attend Executive Board Meetings, attend business meetings, audit books before 3/1, and, as one of the three Trustees, be available to lead meetings where President and Vice President are absent. Secretary is a 2 yr term.

Nominating Committee Winston will appoint members to this committee


Prayers for Jim Lettenmaier who is in the hospital.

Adjournment MSC Ralph/Phil to adjourn the meeting.

Respectfully Submitted

Lyle Norris, Secretary

RockComp Business Meeting – December 2, 2015

Call to Order by Winston Hoegh (Gary, as per bylaws, cannot serve as president since he no longer resides in park)

Minutes of Previous Meeting: Refer to Web Site

Treasurer’s Report: Current Club Treasury balance is $2,901.84 MSC: Ralph/Carol S to accept report

Old Business

Internet Service provided by Mediacom (Winston will be erecting towers for Recreation Hall soon)

Internet Trial 13 volunteers will be in Hamilton Room tonight to test internet device capacity so we know how much user capacity we have available for classes.

Class/Meeting Schedule posted on Calendar (double click for details)

Class sessions have been scheduled through the end of December

Winston plans to contact SOS to offer a session that will be open to all Rock Shadows residents

Don Cook will do presentation on Garmin at meeting on January 20th with a more detailed class following for 10 or more students. Cost will be $5.00 per student.(Note: check to be sure Hamilton Room is available for class)

The lab is available anytime except Friday afternoons for Special Interest Groups (SIGs). Just invite people with a similar interest and use the 5 available desk tops or bring your own devices.

Reminder that any Park Resident is allowed one free visit to a club activity. Invite someone to a class to promote new members.

There was a suggestion that we have a program on Apps. What are some of your favorites? Review of familiar apps that have been upgraded. This could be a great sharing and teaching session.

Any ideas? Get them to any of your officers ASAP.

New Business

Rock Shadows Contact Person: Bob Smith

Next Year Appointee: Karen Toftne

Lab Equipment

PC’s We have 5 Desk Tops with Windows 10 on North bench. Others too old an OS for free upgrade. Will be discarded. South bench will be cleared for usage by those bringing their own device for classes and SIGs.

Printer: We will no longer provide this service. It was noted by a member that HP has a novel contract for low cost ink and paper when you purchase a printer from them. (

Courtesy Computers: We still provide two desk tops in lobby. (maintained by Gene L)

Other Business

MSC Jim L/Sonia H to allow money be spent for repair of the projection cart (wheels no longer function)

It was suggested that we get a projection screen or paint the wall with a special screen paint so we have better quality viewing. (Winston said he would research it)

Sister Parks: The owner has been telling members of his other parks that they can be members of our club. Our bylaws require specific action by the members for that to be in sync with our policies. MSC Jim L/Ralph H that they pay an Associate Member Fee of $15.00 for the current club year.(Note: bylaws state that Associate Members have voice but not vote, can participate in all club activities, but cannot hold an office).

Next Week Lisa Robinson will do a presentation on what the Public Library has to offer on line.

MSC (Ralph H/Gene L) to Adjourn the meeting.


Respectfully Submitted

Lyle Norris, Secretary

Executive Board Meeting – Novembe3r 30, 2015

Meeting Called to Order by Vernon

Present: Vernon Knapp, Jim Lettenmaier, Bob Smith, Lyle Norris, Leatrice Truedson, Gene Lingenfelter

Absent: Winston Hoegh

Minutes of November Business Meeting distributed

Treasurer’s Report Current Balance: $2,901.84 in Bank and $30.00 Cash We have 40 members

Old Business

President: Gary Nelson is no longer a Rock Shadows resident and therefore ineligible to continue to hold office. Winston (as VP) is asked to serve out the remainder of Gary’s term.

Modem & Router: Bob has not purchased this equipment pending a usage test later this week

Internet Signal to Main Hall: We have permission to set up towers on Rec Hall roof. Winston has the equipment with him.

Classes: Leatrice tallied the survey of members and reported the following requests for classes:

Windows 10 Garmin iPad/iPhone Skype/facetime Kindle

Apple OS Internet email Cloud services Internet Security

Additionally, Jim will call Don Cook to schedule Garmin presentation for January 20th

Bob is looking at holding a class on iPhone/iPad 101 on December 28th

Winston (?) will check with SOS for a Wednesday program this winter

At business meeting Winston will announce a session for 5 people in the lab on using email (I don’t recall a date being set)


New Business

Rock Shadows contact person – Bob Smith will continue in this capacity through March. At our business meeting we need to ask for a volunteer to fill that role for the next season (Nov 1st – March 31st)

Bylaws Amendment: With regard to “Sister Park Members” it was recommended to leave them unchanged. Board suggests we accept them as Associate Members (per current bylaws) and charge them a yearly fee of $15. Bob will adjust the membership form to accommodate this adjustment.


PC’s in the Lab: Retain the 5 that have Windows 10. Scrap the ones that don’t have Windows 10 and clear the south bench for use by members who bring their own devices for classes such as email 101. It was felt more people would be comfortable sharing their skills with a small group (5 or less).

Printer: We will not offer a printer service

RockComp Business Meeting - November 4, 2015

Meeting Called to order by President, Gary Nelson

Secretary’s Report: instructed to see minutes on web site

Treasurer’s Report: No Report

No Old Business

New Business

Our new internet provider is Mediacom and it should be up and running by tomorrow

Check the web site for Computer Club classes and activities

Agenda for the next two computer club meetings:

11/11 – Brainstorming ideas for programs for club meetings

11/16 – Windows 10 introduction by Bob Smith

Bob Smith will arrange with the Public Library to see if they will do a program on Social Media

(Jimn Lettenmaier also knows someone who might be willing to do a presentation on Social Media)

Meeting Adjourned

Submitted by Lyle Norris, Secretary

    2018 - 2019