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October 15, 2016  
July 29, 2016  
June 10, 2016  
January 16, 2016  

10/15/16 Evernote / Onenote

I have talked about and taught the cloud service Evernote for the past 3 years. I have stopped using Evernote because they made policy changes aimed at getting us to pay. As most of the club members are "windows" folks, they, most likely have the Microsoft App OneNote.  As far as storing your notes, documents, etc., it can do the same thing as Evernote.  I have moved all my folders and the documents in them, from Evernote to OneNote. There are 2 keys points here:

1. OneNote, as an app, is available for mobile devices, ios and android phones and tablets, and your computers.  Your folders, notes, documents, etc., will sync to all devices.

2.Moving your folders and documents from Evernote to OneNote is a simple, straight forward process.  Microsoft has written a program for us to do just that.  It is called "OneNote Importer, and is available at this link ..Click Here



07/29/16 - New iphone camera app

Microsoft Pix, a new camera app for the iphone.  You iphone users might want to give it a try.  Some say it is better than the standard Apple app that comes on the iphone.  It is in thr App Store.  I got it, have user it a few times.  So far, I have no complaints....takes good pictures, is easier to use than the comes-with app, and allow some editing right after snapping pic.

06/10/16  Apple better than Android?

Really?  Well, in one area for sure.......You all know that Operating System updates contain may "security" updates, right?  That is true for both Apple IOS and Android OS.  Apple makes a new updates very obvious on your device.  Android does not.  To the point, 86% of Apple mobile devices are running the latest update.  4.6 % of Android devices are running the latest update.  Hence, Android devices are much more exposed to hacking, for much longer times.  This does not have to be true.  All you have to do is be aware that Android updates are not made obvious, and, that new update info is in "Settings".  If you are concerned, then just check in "Settings" occasionally, and do the new update.  As Android "settings" are different on different devices, just Google something like "where is system update shown on my  ..........."


1. IOS 9.3 is in the works, but will be a few weeks before we see it.  A couple of things that may be of interest:
    - You will be abe to secure Notes, using finger print to get access.
    - It will use geolocation to change colors to a softer hue at sunset, and back to normal at sunrise.
      Apparently the screen we look at now, has been keeping us awake at night.

2. Android Marshmellow, the latest OS is out.  Check the update availability in your device's settings.
    One thing we should really like is that we can now control what things an app has access to.  In the past,
    if we wanted the app. we had to giveit access to every thing it wanted.



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