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Jean Simmons, Vernon Knapp, Lyle Norris,
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09/12/17 iPhone /iPad News :

ios11 will be available 09/19/17.  However, before you upgrade.......:

1. App developers have been aware for a long time now, that ios11 will not support a long time.old technology.  Meaning, they have had quite awhile to rewrite their apps. Many have not........yet, anyway, and they will not run under ios11.  You can find out which apps on your device will no longer run under ios11......go to Settings > About > Applications > and tap on it.  The apps will be listed.  Obviously, you have two choices - 1. if you want/need an app, do not upgrade. 2. delete the apps before upgrading.....not required but a good idea.

2.  Backup before you upgrade to ios11.........always a todo before upgrading.







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